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The current business environment presents a constant stream of both challenges and opportunities for every organization. Amid the chaos, the ambition and indeed expectation for most is achieve sustained growth. To realize their potential, organizations must continuously improve their performance and sustain that improvement. Technology is instrumental in driving business growth and creating more efficient processes that contribute to increased productivity.

We take the time to understand how your business operates, we know how to ask the right questions and we listen, so we can help you solve your business challenges based on the specific needs of your business and industry. Our professional services assist in leveraging technology to enable your business and organization effectively to achieve its objectives. By combining technical knowledge and business savvy with our full range of IT services, we are able to assess complex situations, devise effective solutions, and implement them for you quickly and cost-effectively.

Our IT advisory practice is built on a foundation of proven IT methodologies and approach, subject matter expertise, highly skilled resources with apt training and certifications along with extensive experience across most of the sectors to deliver optimal value and trustworthy services. We are well versed in emerging technologies and latest technology solutions. Our comprehensive portfolio of IT and Business advisory services includes:

IT Advisory Services

We offer comprehensive scope of services that includes:

  • Digital Transformation based on emerging technologies
  • IT Strategy Formulation and Governance
  • IT Transformation and Enablement
  • Program Management
  • Business Continuity Management
  • Technology Risk Management
  • ERP Advisory Services

Strategy consulting services

We offer comprehensive strategy consulting services to corporations, providing advice and support that both reviews and redefines their current strategy. Under strategy advisory, we provide the following services:

  • Diagnostic review and reworking of current business strategy
  • Identifying and redefining organizational vision, mission, goals & objectives
  • Assessing corporate portfolio of business units, identifying key success factors for the business
  • Developing a detailed strategy and implementation plan

Performance improvement

We offer consultation to companies that is shaped around constantly improving their operational performance. Under performance improvement advisory, we provide the following services:

  • Identifying revenue enhancement activities
  • Identifying cost reduction activities, including cost management
  • Identifying cost effective procurement, seeking out logistics alternatives and producing business process design/redesign

Human Capital, Finance and Supply Chain Expertise

Our subject matter expertise team assists organizations in managing their finance, supply chain and human resources areas effectively. Under functional advisory, we provide common services across the functional areas such as diagnostics, business process reengineering, organizational structuring and process optimization. Some of the key services under each functional areas are as below:

  • HR Function:
    • Diagnostic review of the HR function
    • Review of organizational structures, job titles, grading and job descriptions
    • Employee competency framework, utilizing a performance appraisal system
    • Career succession planning
    • Performance-linked incentive schemes and employee stock-option plans
    • Review and production of corporate governance and authority matrix, including policies & procedures manuals
  • Finance Function:
    • Financial Advisory Services
    • Accounting and Reconciliation
  • Supply Chain:
    • Process Diagnostics, Effectiveness and Improvement

Our business advisory solutions team produces work that carries an absolute focus on delivering solutions, identifying the right perspective, growth opportunities, business model and strategies for your business, enabling you to achieve and sustain your true growth potential.

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