Technology Risk Consulting

Leveraging Information Technology (“IT”) to manage your risks successfully and create value added products and services has become a universal business competency.

Our technology risk consultants can assist you in leveraging IT with your business objectives, enabling your organization to manage risk from potential disasters, breach of your IT security and controls failure including network security.

Under Technology Risk services, we provide following services:

  • IT Governance,
  • IT Security and Controls,
  • Network Security Review,
  • ERP/Core Application Review,
  • E-Banking Controls Review,
  • Hardware/Software Evaluation and Selection,
  • Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Planning.

IT Governance

Under IT governance services, we can assist you in developing:

  • IT strategy,
  • Composition & functions of IT department including key job positions,
  • Role & Responsibilities of IT department team,
  • Polices and procedures manual for managing the IT department.

IT Security and Controls

We can assist your organization by:

  • Reviewing and strengthening Information systems through audit of general and application controls,
  • Reviewing of IT Internal Controls mandated by central Bank of Kuwait and suggest improvements.

Network Security

We can assist you in identifying security holes and flaws in the networked systems by conducting:

  • Vulnerability Assessment,
  • Penetration Testing,

Based on our assessment, we can propose improvements in your network security.

ERP/Core Application Review

We can assist you by ensuring that your application software adheres to business rules and processes by:

  • Analyzing the effectiveness and efficiency of the existing ERP or Core application,
  • Application Security Controls Review,
  • Post implementation review.

E Banking Controls

We assist you in achieving and maintaining maximum security and controls on E-banking, for which we perform:

  • Online banking system controls review,
  • Online banking security consulting.

Hardware / Software Evaluation and Selection

We can assist you in ensuring that your hardware and software requirements by conducting:

  • IT requirement analysis,
  • Products identification and comparison matrix,
  • Short listing of vendors,
  • Implementation and testing.

Business Continuity/ Disaster Recovery Planning

We can assist you in identifying potential risks and impacts to the business in the event of a disaster or loss of data so as to ensure continuity in your operations by conducting:

  • Risk assessment of your location, storage, etc
  • Business impact analysis due to loss of operational data,
  • Continuity / Recovery Plan for recovery of data and continuity functioning,
  • Development & Testing.


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