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The arrival of the Gulf Cooperation Council Value Added Tax Treaty, otherwise known as the GCC VAT agreement, in 2017 was a landmark moment for industry in the Gulf region. The GCC VAT agreement set up a VAT system framework between the six countries of the GCC – Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, establishing an indirect tax rate to be levied on all goods and services in the area.

Navigating the complexities around VAT sits as one of the biggest challenges for modern businesses. Many of the issues and questions your business may have around VAT will be notably difficult to answer and are only becoming more of a hurdle as legislation and regulation tightens. Of course, to address this internally, businesses must use up significant and valuable resources, eating into their time spent on core processes, and ultimately their value-added behaviors.

That is where RSM’s VAT advisory can step in. Our experienced and expert teams can support your business strategies and effectively manage your tax risks and liabilities with a series of practical, tailored and commercially minded VAT solutions. We offer our specialized VAT process advisory across the full range of business sectors, with the ultimate goal to improve cashflow and reduce any VAT-related risk.

What can our VAT solutions do for your business?

  • VAT consultation and compliance for goods and services
  • Production of capital and revenue spending reviews
  • Maximization of VAT recovery on proposed transactions
  • VAT health checks
  • Creation and implementation of strategy via our VAT process advisory
  • Improvement of internal tax and VAT efficiencies.
  • Mitigating risk of penalties relating to VAT
  • Bespoke training of internal personnel relating to VAT.

Regardless of the service we are providing, our work is always collaborative with our clients. We will work alongside you to maximize the efficiency of your VAT processes and help futureproof your organization against the complexities of the subject. Our advice and consultation will be available at all times, with a senior VAT expert working on every assignment.

Let us help you better understand your VAT liabilities via effective and actionable VAT consultation. Our VAT services rely on our renowned global network of professionals and experts, keeping us, and you, up to date with the latest in the world of VAT and wider tax areas.


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