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Extension of Deadlines due to COVID19 Disruptions

22 June 2020
Extension of Deadlines due to

Post COVID-19: Are you ready?

8 June 2020
Post COVID-19: Are you ready?

Business Continuity Plan- RSM Kuwait

29 March 2020
Greetings from RSM Kuwait and wishing your team and your loved ones a sound health. In light ofthe precautions to fight against COVID-19, we have taken necessary steps to protect and safeguard the health and safety of all our clients, personnel and the community at large. We always value our relationship with you and remain committed to supporting your needs - regardless. To keep our team and our stakeholders safe, we have taken a wide range of precautionary measures to minimize health risks - like sterilization of our offices, providing hand sanitizers handy, and heighten the use of technology