Intelligent insight and smart feedback

RSM Peru provides high quality internal audit and advisory services to businesses operating both in the domestic market and overseas. We provide invaluable insight to finance and operations teams, improving credibility for companies across every industry and sector.   

Our audit services are based on the Audit Manual and RSM Policies and we use our expert knowledge and practice of local laws to ensure seamless compliance within your market. This means wherever you are, we’ll help you tighten your audit regime and give you better control of your data. We can also gather relevant, actionable information to give you all the tools and insights required to make operational improvements.

Working with our audit specialists, you’ll receive thorough audit advisory and assistance driven by our consistent technical approach and first-level specialized knowledge. Whether you need fully outsourced internal audit services or consultative support during a company restructure or expansion – RSM Peru is here to help.

Audit services we offer in Peru include:

  • Financial statements audit and assurance
  • Operative audit and audit of international cooperative projects
  • Translation of financial statement to other currency and/or USGAAP
  • Translation of financial statement under IFRS or USGAAP
  • Limited reviews of financial information
  • Special works about previously agreed and/or stipulated procedures
  • Due Diligence andadvisory during company reorganization and company acquisitions

Gain credibility with our audit advisory services

Financial audit is more important than ever in the digital age. As businesses integrate new technology or roll out adoption of cryptocurrencies, your auditing methods will need to be up to date to ensure best practice at every level. Furthermore, maintaining transparent and compliant business practices is imperative in countries such as Peru where corruption still poses a threat to industry.

Our internal audit advisory services can tackle the issues of fraud and deficiencies, while giving you credible financial statements for the intended audience. We’ll instill confidence in creditors, shareholders, employees and other stakeholders – adding value to your business and positioning you strategically in the marketplace.

For global businesses operating under multiple local laws, there may be a number of challenges facing operations and finance. But having independent auditors can help you overcome these – and our audit services are designed to help you:

  • Check and deter fraud
  • Improve internal systems and controls
  • Provide transparency with shareholders
  • Reduce the risk of cybercrime
  • Gain credibility in your market

Get audit advice with our consultative approach

Quality, integrity and stewardship are our core values here at RSM Peru. Not only do we deliver audits to the highest standard and facilitate ethical practices in businesses, but we also provide independent, unbiased advice to our clients.

Our audit specialists partner with you to deliver comprehensive solutions that work for your organization. We provide intelligent data, smart feedback and impartial audit advice that can drive your business forward.

Delivered within a framework of excellence and using innovative methodologies, our expert team help you get a better understanding of your overall systems and controls. Through our auditing services, we can help you identify risks and inefficiencies – providing the necessary recommendations to progress accounting competence in your business.