Save money and gain control with tax advice

Specialized consultancy delivered by local tax experts is one of the most crucial areas of support for businesses looking to understand complex tax systems. At RSM Peru, we deliver tax advisory services to businesses across every industry and sector – helping to deal with technical tax laws and regulations and ensuring you stay on top of any changes to those.

Keeping abreast of new rules is fundamental for any business operating globally or who want to enter new markets. For companies that don’t have the time, resource or expertise to juggle the complexities of multiple local laws, our team can provide support in both advisory and planning.

Need guidance in local, international, corporate or personal taxes? RSM Peru can offer practical tax advisory solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of your organization. Regardless of the size or sector of your company, our advisors can help get your accounts in order.

How our tax specialists can help

Our expertise lets us provide unparalleled tax advisory services in order to plan your operations and resolve tax matters from the inspection process. We oversee efficient and updated projects, especially when it involves many countries and offices of the client and/or advisor.

Our services in Peru include:

  • Analysis and diagnosis of potential problems in transfer pricing studies
  • Tax consulting and audit
  • Tax planning and optimization of tax obligations
  • Advice on the procedures for tax recovery  
  • Fiscal advice for expatriates
  • Advice in the application of Agreements (to avoid double taxation subscribed by Peru)
  • Advice on tax inspections
  • Advice on tax procedures and impugning resources before all Tax Administration levels
  • Review and compliance of monthly and annual tax obligations
  • Preparation of technical support reports

Support from tax advisors with local expertise

We can assist with everything from consulting and audits to tax problem analysis, tax planning for the future and even advice on tax recovery. For global businesses operating in Peru, we can appreciate the importance of getting the right paperwork drawn up to avoid double taxation – and this is another of our core focuses.

No matter your requirements, our tax advisory consultants work for you and will use the most tax-efficient routes to help you save money.

Local knowledge and an in-depth understanding of Peru’s tax system are paramount when it comes to successful tax planning and management. The benefits of using local experts are far-reaching – lowering tax rates, allowing greater control of when taxes are paid and maximizing tax relief.

Get in touch today to find out how we can help you save time, money and resources with a better strategy for dealing with your tax requirements.


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