Finding opportunity in change

Prioritising culture, dialogue and transparency - the key to employee retention

19 May 2022
As World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development 2022 fast approaches, observed on the 21st of May each year, we consider the real impact of misunderstanding or misrepresenting cultural differences, not only the threat that it poses for global peace and prosperity, but how it touches businesses and their people today.

The renaissance of retail in the wake of COVID-19

10 May 2022
The past few years have shaken the retail industry. RSM expert, Damian Webb, discusses how the world of retail has adapted to seize opportunities in a new global landscape.

2022, the year of the crypto economy in Latin America

5 May 2022
Understand the growth possibilities that Latin America offers in 2022 and delve into the opportunities that cryptoeconomy presents for the region.

Taxation in the technology era and what the future holds

27 April 2022
Technological advancements in recent decades are allowing global authorities to leverage modern technologies as tools that are changing the norm in tax administration.

The changes shaping tomorrow’s business leaders and next gen talent

20 April 2022
Fiona Bell, Partner at RSM UK Legal LLP, shares details of the key changes shaping tomorrow’s business leaders and the next generation of talent

How the automotive industry is hoping to change your life

13 April 2022
Lawrence Keyler, Global Automotive Sector Leader at RSM US, discusses how advanced electric vehicles (EVs) and autonomous vehicles (AVs) are dramatically changing the lives of consumers, revolutionising our commutes, and re-shaping cities around the world.

Effective data management - the key to good corporate governance and reputation

5 April 2022
Philip Kruger, Director of RSM Legal in South Africa, explores how COVID-19 has transformed the way that personal data is used, and why effective data management is the key to good corporate governance, risk and reputation management for global businesses.

The power of neurodiversity in the workplace

29 March 2022
Embracing neurodiversity and including neurodiverse individuals in a workforce can lead to surges in morale, innovation, and creativity as it allows businesses to explore subjects in new and fascinating ways. 

New ways of living and working

2 March 2022
Join RSM experts as they explore current trends and exciting new technologies that will unlock boundless opportunities for new ways of living and working.

The power of connectivity and data driving the automotive experience

24 February 2022
The power of connectivity and data driving the automotive experience 

VAT and GST tax compliance in a data-driven digital age

14 February 2022
With digitalisation changing the tax landscape, how is the world adapting to the new era of Indirect Tax?

The Road to Recovery: How the automotive industry can come back from COVID-19

8 February 2022
After facing numerous challenges in recent years, how is the automotive industry recovering? And what does the future hold?

The role of data in supply chain management

1 February 2022
We explore the possibilities that data can yield for supply chain management; how it will transform global operations; and how that will impact the future of the business landscape and their customers.

Reimagining the workplace: Expectations of the future worker

26 January 2022
Andre Spicer, Professor of Organisational Behaviour at Bayes Business School, considers the changing shape of the future worker.

Green energy driving electric vehicles and the future of automotive

9 December 2021
Green energy driving electric vehicles and the future of automotive