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As CEO of RSM, I have the privilege of collaborating closely everyday with Member Firms, in over 120 countries. Through the continuous building of relationships, I am able to gain a unique insight into both the local and international challenges facing our members, as well as the global trends shaping their future, in a constantly changing economic landscape.

As we continue to experience change and transformation at great speed, one thing that remains is the passion and commitment of RSM’s professionals in delivering The Power of Being Understood to clients, all over the world.

In this hub of carefully curated content, we share our thoughts on the topical issues facing the growth-focused and innovative businesses of today.

Demystifying data analytics to unlock value

4 May 2022
Jean Stephens, CEO of RSM International, and Sarah Belsham, Partner at RSM UK, discuss the boundless potential that leveraging data can yield for businesses.

Sustainability: The Net-Zero challenge and its impact on business

16 March 2022
With climate change being an ever-pressing issue, how is the net-zero movement being accelerated, and what does this mean for businesses around the world?

International Women’s Day 2022 - Unacceptable norms that perpetuate gender inequality

8 March 2022
Diversity and Inclusion Leader at RSM International, Candice Eaton Gaul, explores where gender inequality exists and what we can do to help break the bias.

The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and eYuan: winning the race in centralised digital currency

16 February 2022
With China's introduction of the eYuan, how will the future of digital currency be affected?

Resilience and reimagination: transforming businesses for a new age

20 January 2022
Against a backdrop of unprecedented disruption and change, dedicated RSM professionals around the world have been there to support these businesses at every stage of this challenging journey, helping them to reimagine their future as we enter a new era of business.

Leadership: Knowing the expert, not being the expert

13 January 2022
Know from Candice Eaton Gaul, RSM Diversity and Inclusion Leader, how leading a diverse and multi-skilled team as well as making the right questions can lead to better results.

Celebrating a year of community

23 December 2021
RSM International’s CEO, Jean Stephens, offers her reflections on the past year. As another year comes to a close, and as many prepare for holiday celebrations or some time away from work over the New Year, we are offered an opportunity for reflection.

Celebrating 10 years of RSM World Day

27 October 2021
Today marks RSM International’s 10th year of celebrating RSM World Day. Established a decade ago, RSM World Day provides colleagues around the world an opportunity to celebrate our diverse and dynamic global community.

Cultivating creativity and innovation in the next normal – perspectives from around the world

21 April 2021
The pandemic has demonstrated the power of disrupting the status quo. Reflecting on the last year, Paul Herring spoke to some of our innovation leaders about the challenges they have faced, the lessons they have learnt and what innovation means to them. 

Reimagining the global economy with realism

18 March 2021
A year into the pandemic, our global CEO, Jean Stephens joins RSM experts to discuss the economic and societal impacts of COVID-19 and consider how the middle market will be reimagined in 2021 and beyond. 

The courage it takes to #ChoosetoChallenge inequality

5 March 2021
In this personal, thought-provoking blog, Candy Eaton-Gaul discusses the actions of important figures that have demonstrated bravery in challenging inequality. Ahead of International Women’s Day, Candy explains why courage, compassion and commitment can help us to achieve the unachievable.

Recognising unconscious bias to encourage diversity and support inclusion

23 February 2021
Global CEO, Jean Stephens on challenging unconscious bias

How innovation will unlock business growth in 2021

17 February 2021
Middle market businesses are facing their biggest survival challenges yet, dealing with sometimes contradictory and complex disruptions to demand for their products and services and to their supply chains. Paul Herring provides a 2021 outlook

Reimagining business through critical thinking

11 February 2021
RSM's CEO, Jean Stephens discusses...

2021: It’s time to reimagine Tax

19 January 2021
RSM International Tax expert, Rob Mander reflects on 2020 and explains why 2021 will be another challenging year of change, but from a tax perspective, one in which we will see many opportunities