RSM Training Centre

RSM Tajikistan opened its Training Center in 2021 to provide specialised training and education on accounting, IFRS, taxation, finance, legal subjects.  the Training Centre holds Education License from the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Tajikistan.
The Training Center has all the necessary technical equipment for conducting offline, online and hybrid classes.


RSM Tajikistan Training Centre is an accredited ACCA Silver Learning Partner provides preparation training  towards obtaining The Advanced Diploma in Finance and Business (Russian). 

The Advanced Diploma in Finance and Business (Russian) provides an opportunity for native speaking students based in 12 countries to develop a broad financial and practical skillset, achieving an internationally recognised accountancy qualification benchmarked at a Bachelor’s degree.

Companies around the world are constantly in need of competent financial professionals with proven qualifications, which ensures that they have all the necessary abilities to successfully conduct business processes. For more than a century, this guarantee has been the ACCA qualification.

The high standards of ACCA have been maintained since 1904, and professionals with international qualifications are becoming more and more in demand in companies around the world. Therefore, the ACCA Diploma Program "Finance and Business Management" in Russian was developed especially for native speakers of the Russian language. It has retained the high quality inherent in all ACCA products and allows those who do not yet have a good command of English to confirm their qualifications.

The program provides basic knowledge and skills in the field of financial management in an organization and other applied areas. The diploma is designed both for professionals in the field of finance, audit and accounting with already confirmed ACCA DipIFR and ACCA DipNRF diplomas, as well as for young professionals who are just starting their careers, as well as graduates of specialized universities.


  • enable more professionals to expand their knowledge and skills in finance and business management;
  • increase the overall level of professionalism among young Russian-speaking employees of companies;
  • make international qualifications more accessible to Russian speakers