RSM Tajikistan


Olga Belkina
Finance Director

Office : Tajikistan
Service : Outsourcing
About Olga

Ms. Olga Belkina is Finance Director at RSM Tajikistan. Graduate of Russian Tajik Slavonic University with Economics major. Ms. Belkina is a Certified Accounting Practitioner (CAP), certified auditor by Ministry of Finance of Tajikistan and National Bank of Tajikistan.

Ms. Belkina has over over 10 years of experience in accounting and audit. Four years of management practice in economics sector with solid experience in recovery of accounting and outsourcing services in accounting field.  

She has successfully finished projects with big and small firms in Tajikistan for number of years. During these projects, she provided outsourcing services associated with record keeping in accounting software 1 C, in accordance with National Legislation or IFRS, recovered accounting, finance audit, analyse of financial statements.