The digitisation of accounting processes and the automation of entire commercial procedures pose major challenges for companies. We are keen to support our clients by providing a range of management consultancy and accounting services to help optimise processes within their businesses.

Our range of services are not sector-dependent, and we have special experience across a range of industries. This includes trade consultancy, construction services law and construction-related consultancy, as well as support for professional services, hotels and restaurants.

An additional important area of our practice is non-profit consultancy and business process support, in addition to public body consultancy. We also have decisive knowhow in specific tax schemes in these areas.

What management consultancy and accounting services can we offer?

Here at RSM Austria, we provide a wide range of management consultancy and accounting services for businesses across all sectors. Whether you’re in need of digital accounting services, you’d like specialist business plan support, or you require robust corporate restructuring consultancy, our team of experts have the expertise and experience to help your business move forward. Here are some of the services we provide:

  • Digital accounting services
    We advise and support companies in transformation of accounting to digital accounting. The digital document cycle from electronic invoice receipt to automated payment offers great potential, which we would like to raise together.
  • Controlling and reporting system services
    After setting up a significant reporting system for successful corporate governance, we will also organise a consulting workshop, where we can discuss the results, possible alternatives and consequences together.
  • Cost accounting
    Reliable cost-accounting systems and robust organisational structures go hand in hand with each other. We will analyse the figures and results together with the responsible persons and support them in their leadership and decision-making responsibilities.
  • Business plan support and budgetary accounting
    Credit financing and company takeovers require a well-structured business plan and coherent budgetary accounting. We offer our clients business plan support which involves developing plans together, providing support for the annual planning and checking them for plausibility. Those plans are specifically adapted to industries, investment requirements and business concepts.
  • Corporate restructuring consultancy and management support
    Companies require expert corporate restructuring consultancy and management support, especially in crisis situations. We will investigate the cause of the negative situation without adopting a blinkered attitude to our work and we will hold meetings with banks and suppliers.


We provide a comprehensive approach to consultancy. As well as our business services in the fields of auditing and tax consulting, we offer a range of additional support options


RSM Austria’s business services division comprises professionals that can help you set up your business here. Whether you require a business consultant, or you need secretarial services, we help small businesses and larger companies alike.

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