Transaction Assistance

No matter what your business goals, we’re here to help you achieve them with our broad range of transaction assistance services. Whether you need help in compiling a financial data book, contract assistance or support with constructing a physical or virtual dataroom, our finance experts have the specialist skills and expertise you need to complete the task efficiently and effectively.

We know that there’s a lot to consider with any type of business transaction. Enlisting professional support from our financial experts will put you in a strong position to successfully navigate the process. Our team has a huge amount of experience providing transaction assistance to companies across a wide variety of sectors, helping them to achieve their desired outcome.

What transaction assistance can RSM provide?

The transaction assistance we provide serves to identify opportunities, minimise business contract risks, understand potential challenges, and implement effective solutions to ensure your sale or acquisition is a success. Our finance experts have helped businesses of all sizes across the globe, providing innovative advice regarding their transactions. Here’s some of the services we offer:

Contract Assistance

A conclusion of a company transaction contract is often followed by a lengthy renegotiation process or even disputes regarding the interpretation of certain clauses. That’s why our consulting service also includes contract assistance – which involves creating company transaction contracts regarding finance and accounting. We support you with securing the contract risks that have been revealed by the due diligence, and with structuring the contract of purchase in your economic interest.

Financial Data Book

A financial data book comprises all relevant company and finance data of the organisation, which are requested by interested parties in the context of a due diligence process. We support you with identifying key information that potential buyers expect, verifying the data and compiling the financial data book.

Dataroom Assistance

Datarooms are used when the seller wants to disclose large amounts of confidential data to their potential buyers. This typically happens during due diligence. Our services include the preparation as well as the execution of the dataroom:

  • Consultation for the construction of a dataroom
  • Dataroom consultation for compiling the information that’s required by potential buyers
  • Construction of a physical or virtual dataroom
  • Dataroom assistance with the preparation of information
  • Support with operating the virtual or physical dataroom during the selling process

Whether you’d like transaction assistance in the form of a financial data book, dataroom consultation or renegotiation services, we can help. Get in touch with our experts by phone +43 (1) 505 63 63 or email [email protected]

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