Markets are active due to the continuing process of globalisation, lowering of trade barriers and an increasingly dynamic workforce, the transport and logistics industry continues to enjoy above-average growth. Furthermore, through the expansion of their service offerings in both production and sales, transport companies and logistics service providers are also becoming supply chain experts. International growth through acquisitions, joint ventures and alliances are also reorganising the industrial sector. In these situations, new corporate processes and strategies are needed.


  • Maximising profits
  • Complying with International Financial Reporting Standards - IFRS requirements
  • Managing tax risks
  • Managing fraud
  • Mergers and acquisitions as enablers of industry restructuring
  • International mobility and transnational jobs
  • Opportunities in emerging markets
  • Project finance solutions - Financing transport infrastructure and for private and/or public institutions

In the aviation sector, market liberalisation has increased the importance of customer management, technical cooperation and new investment strategies. Low-cost airlines are helping to set pricing policies in the network of carriers within their traditional market segments. The permanent threat of a terrorist attack produces uncertainty and creates challenges for airlines and travel companies to implement highly effective security and risk management systems.

In terms of value added, travel services is a rather weak sector facing tremendous pressure to adapt to a changing industry. Largely commercial companies in this industry sector are challenged by international travel groups and hotel chains that play to their size and marketing advantages and target international customers.

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In these changing times, what is needed from transport and logistics companies? Financial transparency, secure risk management processes and state-of-the-art technology. At RSM our transport and logistics experts can help you with these issues and more, including achieving international alliances and quality partnerships between your company and other companies.

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