Our company’s existence is part of a bigger system of people, values, other organizations and environment. At RSM we share a desire to deliver our social responsibility through not only giving back to our people and community but leaving a footprint for future generations coming to this world. We are constantly working on business and communal initiatives that provide a sanguine impact on our communities with the reflection of our five brand values. 

The RSM approach

Our outlook on corporate responsibility is based on a wide spectrum. Wherefore, we strive to obtain the right balance between empowerment and support at a firm-wide level along with flexibility and choice at a local and individual level.

We focus our support for activities in four key areas:

At RSM, our people are the driving forces who shape our future and most importantly our corporate responsibility approach. Undeniably, our pivotal success factor to deliver excellence to our client’s rests on attracting and retaining the most competent people; however, this principal is achieved primarily on building trust between our employees.

It is our duty at RSM to continue to support our people’s professional careers, enrich their capabilities and drive inclusivity. Having established career development programmes and a learning organization tailored to each individual, we provide our people a diverse range of training, coaching and academies; all aimed at developing versatile and dynamic employees.

Employee morale and well-being is our main virtue. RSM Egypt recognizes the conspicuous effort and dedication our people contribute to our network. Through hosting team building events and dinners, we gather all staff members to celebrate the success and achievements of our people.

Trust and integrity are the main foundations for building a strong and respectful relationship with our clients, society and the community we operate in. Equally consequential was laying down the principles for robust governance, compliance, ethics and independence. At RSM, we acknowledge our commitment to conduct business in an ethical manner and operate in good faith of our clients and other stakeholders we interact with.

The everlasting change in climate and increase of scarce resources are the elementary factors that shape our future. At RSM, we always integrate environmental factors when conducting and managing our business operations along with our interactions with clients. However, above all else we strive to align with the local environmental policies to minimise our ecological footprint, reduce waste, save energy, recycle and lower emissions. In our workplace we have taken initiatives to create an eco-friendly office through adopting an office culture policy inclusive of sustainable printing methods, the use of disposable products, paper recycling management and maximizing energy efficiency to help drive our employees to make responsible choices.

Furthermore, RSM Egypt continues to directly work and support varying environmental projects aimed at enhancing the greenery, restoring and maintaining landscapes, and improving the quality of life around our office premises and neighbouring communities.

RSM Egypt is dedicated to supporting the local community and charities working for causes that tackle critical problems and empower people. Since education and health are two core pillars of social well-being that are in serious need of repair in our country, our offices donated charitable funds to two key organizations that are making big strides in both sectors. We have partnered up with an Egyptian brand empowering vulnerable children to help El-Mansoura Hospital in purchasing a kidney dialysis machine for the children in the hospital. This hospital not only serves El-Mansoura City but also the entire delta region in Egypt. Gezirat ElKhair, is another  notable Egyptian charitable organization that RSM Egypt supports. The organization aims at financially supporting families and young individuals in neighbouring communities through hosting fundraising events to support causes like youth development, medical, food bank, special needs, and elderly support services.

This is a list of some of the organizations we have worked with:

  • Children’s Cancer Hospital 57357 
  • Gezirat El Khair 
  • The Noha Abou Samra Educational Fund 
  • The Doodle Factory 
  • Awlady Orphanage