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Reviving Domestic Tourism in Egypt

Making about 12% - 15% of the economy’s GDP and being one of the driving sources of foreign currency in the country, the fall in tourism has put great pressures on the government.

The halt in tourism since the pandemic hit caused the economy to suffer greatly and lose billions of dollars over the past months. In plans to revive the tourism sector and begin promoting domestic tourism, the government has taken a pivotal decision to reopen hotels.  According to the Cabinet's statement yesterday, hotels will be permitted to go back in business on May 15, 2020 under the condition that they must adhere to the contingent measures against the spread of COVID-19 set forth by the government. 

Precautionary measures to follow:

  • For the first two weeks, hotels will operate at a maximum capacity of 25% and then increase their capacity by 50% on June 1, 2020.

  • Provide personal protection tools and materials for sterilization

  • Screen all incoming guests for fever and only accept online bookings

  • Regulary disinfect all public places in the faciltiy  

  • Establish a clinic and have an assigned doctor on the premises

  • Ban any weddings, entertainment events, and offering shisha to take place on the premises

  • All workers must be tested when entering and leaving resorts 

  • Provide quarantine areas within the property to accommodate people carrying the virus

Further issued in the statement, any violators found not complying with the regulations will have their licences revoked. As for bringing back foreign tourists, chances are very brim, according to the Tourism Minister, Khaled El Anany. He also added that based on their projections, it will take around 12 months to fully restore the tourism sector.

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