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Network security in the digital age

Need for Network Security / IT Security and IT Systems Audit:  Majority of the businesses have invested heavily in IT. The purchase of IT or network equipment continues to be the largest category of industry spending for all types of capital equipment. Almost all IT applications are dependent on network for variety of basic business activities.

IT networks are ‘sensitive assets’ for any business. They store, carry, and process huge amount of ‘confidential’ and ‘high value’ data through the internet. The use of data using remote access, cloud and mobile devices has made network security critical for the businesses from business, financial, legal and reputational perspectives. A single breach of IT / network security can result in colossal loss for business. Thus, protecting the IT network is crucial for every business. Larger enterprises design and build software products that need to be protected against attacks, data piracy, etc. Many network security approaches have been developed in a disorganised way by various organisations
which have failed to actually secure assets or information. With proper network security approach in place, organisations would experience many business benefits such as meeting mandatory regulatory compliance requirements, preventing business disruption, etc. which helps keep employees productive.

In a recent survey conducted by the Computer Security Institute (CSI), 70% of the organisations polled stated that their network security defences had been breached and that 60% of the incidents came from within the organisations themselves. While it is difficult to measure how many companies have had internet-related security problems and the financial losses due to those problems, it is clear that the problems do exist and are widespread.

In this publication, we have endeavoured to provide a broad overview of IT Networks and Network Security for any organization which operates on digital technologies and cover various aspects of IT Security / Network Security at greater length.


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