RSM India White Paper - Optimising Supply Chain Cost - Road Transportation

We are pleased to release our White Paper 'Optimising Supply Chain Cost- Road Transportation.'

In the past couple of years there have been significant changes in India’s logistics landscape in general and road transportation in particular. Despite efforts on regulatory as well as industry side, India's logistics costs are approximately 13.5% of the GDP, whereas the same benchmark is at 8%-10% for developed economies. Lack of adequate infrastructure, complex logistics network across different states and inherent inefficiencies lead to the additional costs.

RSM’s on-going research, combined with experience through our clients across industry sectors provides interesting insights, indicating that the customers as well as service providers are evolving to adapt to the change. While each business entity experiences unique set of challenges, we have gathered some prominent challenges faced by the transporters as well as their customers, and discussed the strategies or good practices that can be applied to drive cost efficiency.

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