White Paper - An Analysis of GST Implication on infrastructure Sector in India

As you may be aware that the infrastructure sector is considered as one of the most focused area of the government. It is considered as the backbone of the Indian economy. The government of India has projected an investment of Rs. 100 Lakh Crores in the infrastructure sector over next 5 years which is also expected to revive growth and employment. The increasing impetus in the infrastructure sector not only paves the way for the development of the said sector but for the growth and development of the entire nation. Moreover, it also enables in contributing to the global economy by way of attracting foreign investment. Increasing incentive and schemes to the infrastructure in the county are attracting both domestic and global players which in turn facilitate flow of private and foreign investments.

The infrastructure sectors consist of various sub-sectors. Some of the sub-sectors are listed below:

  1. Transport- Roads and Highways
  2. Social & Commercial infrastructure
  3. Electrical Energy / Electricity - Generation, Transmission and Distribution
  4. Logistics and warehousing
  5. Water sanitation and urban waste management
  6. Infrastructure investment funds


In this white paper, we seek to provide an overview of the governing regulations under Goods and Services Tax (GST) Act on the following vital verticals of the infrastructure sector:

  1. Transport- Roads and Highways
  2. Electrical Energy / Electricity - Generation, Transmission and Distribution
  3. Logistics and warehousing


Apart from above, highlights with respect to vital key issues under infrastructure sectors are also covered in this white paper.

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