White Paper: Optimizing Supply Chain Cost - Export and Import Logistics

We are pleased to release our White Paper on "Optimising Supply Chain Cost- Export and Import Logistics" for your reference.

India currently has annual cross border trade of US$ 844 billion comprising of exports of US$ 330 billion and imports of US$ 514 billion. Moreover, India has set an ambitious target of 5% share in global exports (US$ 1 Trillion by 2025). Export and Import logistics would be a crucial enabler for achieving the envisioned growth potential - with better stakeholder coordination, enhanced infrastructure, improved operational efficiency and enhanced investments.

RSM India has carried out an intensive analysis to review the challenges in Export and Import logistics faced by different stakeholders. While each business entity experiences unique set of challenges, we have gathered some prominent challenges faced by the service providers as well as their customers, and discussed the strategies or good practices that can be applied to drive cost efficiency.

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