Valuation and Accounting Estimates under Ind AS Sector-Wise Analysis

Indian Accounting Standards (Ind AS), the IFRS-converged financial reporting framework, is extensively based on fair valuation measurement base. Ind AS has extensive application of fair valuation, management judgements and accounting estimation, most of which often have a significant effect on the reported financial results and financial position. Information about the valuation assumptions, key judgements and accounting estimates made is of value to investors as it assists them to assess the financial position and performance, benchmark with peer companies and understand the sensitivities to changes in assumptions.


Accounting estimates often have a sectorial essence, for example, the future occupancy rate estimate would be a key aspect of valuation / impairment testing for hospitality companies, whilst the future air passenger traffic estimate would be vital for valuation / impairment testing for aviation companies. In this context, our publication "Valuation and Accounting Estimates under Ind AS: Sector Wise Analysis" intends to bring out significant sector-wise analysis of key areas of valuation and accounting estimation under Ind AS that have emerged in practice. As the nature and extent of fair valuation and accounting estimation varies from sector to sector due to the specific scenario within the business sector, we have identified the major areas of valuation and accounting estimation across the sectors, the categorization of which we have explained.


In separate chapters, this publication also covers the key requirement for valuation, accounting estimates and management judgement under Ind AS. Our approach is to go beyond the realms of theoretical / conceptual requirements under Ind AS and look into the practicalities of how the sample companies are complying with the requirements. We have also provided the relevant extracts from the disclosures in the published financial statements of leading companies.


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