Budget 2022 Impact on Select Industries - Real Estate and Infrastructure Industry

The Union Budget 2022 is a very progressive budget with focus on growth, investment, and employment as well as stability of tax regime. As per the Economic Survey, GDP for FY 2021-22 is expected to grow by 9.2% and for FY 2022-23 by 8% to 8.5% in real terms making India the fastest growing economy in the world. The outlay for capital expenditure in the Union Budget is being stepped up sharply by 35.4 per cent from Rs. 5.54 lakh crore in the current year to Rs. 7.50 lakh crore in 2022-23. This outlay in 2022-23 will be 2.9 per cent of GDP. Major policy reforms have been announced in the infrastructure sector including significant increase in public capital investment laying down a platform for making India a $5 trillion economy. The demand for housing and commercial real estate is directly impacted by the overall economic growth and hence, the extremely positive economic growth outlook will result in a major increase in demand for housing and commercial real estate.


In the above backdrop, we are pleased to provide our publication viz. 'Budget 2022 - Impact on Real Estate and Infrastructure Sector' wherein we have analysed the tax and other Regulatory Proposals announced for the Real Estate and Infrastructure Sector.


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