Publication - New Labour Codes in India

The Indian Government has been working on a complete overhauling of the archaic labour regulations with the objective of bringing them in sync with the 21st  century business landscape and promoting investments. The new set of regulations consolidates 44 labour laws under 4 categories of Codes namely, Wage Code ; Social Security Code ; Occupational Safety, Health & Working Conditions Code; and Industrial Relations Code.

The Parliament has already passed all the four Codes and it has also received the President’s assent. The government is aiming to implement all the four Codes in one go from the next Financial Year 2021-22 (date not notified yet) and complete the final stretch of labour sector reforms. The 4 codes are:

  • The Code on Wages, 2019
  • The Code on Occupational Safety, Health and Working Conditions, 2020
  • The Code on Social Security, 2020
  • The Code on Industrial Relations, 2020

The Ministry has also framed the draft Rules under each of these Codes and have invited suggestions/comments from the public on the same. Since labour laws is placed under the concurrent list of the constitution of India, the States can choose to frame their own Rules to govern the labour in their respective States.

The new labour code brings in significant changes and it is pertinent that businesses/organizations understand the key changes introduced under the new Codes, restructure and re-align, wherever required, to adapt to the new labour code regime.

In this regard, we are happy to share our enclosed publication on the New Labour Codes in India. Hope you find the same useful. Thanks.

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