Dr. Surana's Leadership Talk at SCMHRD - Jan 2024


Dr. Suresh Surana addressed 280+ management students at SCMHRD on 24 January 2024, on invite by the prestigious institute, as Guest Speaker for their prestigious Leadership Talk series ‘Atheneum’. 

SCMHRD is a premier institute established in 1993, ranks 5th in top 100 B-School (Private) and ranks 3rd in Best B-School - West (Private), as per IIRF 2023. It is the first B-School in Pune and amongst only 5% B-Schools in the world to have been accorded the prestigious AACSB Accreditation. SCMHRD specializes in the fields of Business Analytics, Human Resources, Marketing, Finance, Operations, and Infrastructure Development & Management. It is a member of CII, NHRD, SHRM and HIA.


Acknowledgement from SCMHRD: 

The students of SCMHRD were delighted to experience the session on the topic “Starting From Ground Zero“ by Dr. Suresh Surana, Founder - RSM India, in our esteemed Leadership Talk series - Atheneum.


Dr. Suresh Surana initiated a discussion about career options for graduates of top B-schools, highlighting India's position as the world's fastest-growing large economy. He expounded on the digital, AI and machine learning revolution, citing statistics and its global impact. Dr. Surana emphasized India's unique advantages as a high quality talent surplus country, cost competitiveness with stable political and robust democratic institutions, attracting the highest foreign investments. He elaborated on five pillars of this growth: creating domestic micro-economies, adopting a global perspective, building high-performing teams, fostering innovation through improvisation, and exercising financial wisdom.


He showcased the success story of Dr. Deepak Shantilal Parekh, former HDFC bank chairman, who propelled the bank's market cap to over 100 billion dollars by focusing on housing finance. Likewise, he cited the example of Haldiram's triumphant journey. Dr. Surana stressed the importance of digital literacy and tech-savviness to avoid obsolescence, quoting, "No one can drink the entire ocean and there is enough room for you if you have a value proposition." He pointed to RSM's recent expansion into technology and cybersecurity, supply chain and ESG consulting, emphasizing their focus on service and sustainability. Concluding his speech, Dr. Surana invoked Elon Musk's famous quote, "I could either watch it happen or be part of it," as a call to action for aspiring graduates.


The SCMHRD student body expresses its sincere gratitude for the insightful session and acknowledges the significant value gained from the shared perspectives.