White Paper - Analysis of GST on Construction of Roads and Highways

We are pleased to release for your kind reference the White Paper developed by our indirect taxes practise on “Analysis of GST on Construction of Roads and Highways.”

The roads and highways infrastructure is a booming industry in India. As a developing country on the precipice of growth and blessed with the second largest road network in the world, this sector has assumed a lot of significance for India. The implementation of Goods and Services Tax (GST) is, without a doubt, the single biggest reform in indirect taxes in India. GST has revolutionised various aspects of business and every industry has experienced certain issues arising out of GST implementation. Based on the experience gained through a diverse clientele in the road industry, RSM India, through this whitepaper, attempts to throw light on various practical issues faced by this booming and unique industry because of GST implementation. This whitepaper shall be useful for tax heads and key decision makers in the road and construction industry and we hope the same makes for an interesting and insightful read.

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