Assurance, Risk Advisory, Tax and Consulting Services in New Delhi - NCR

Every business and investor needs a highly committed, competent and responsible professional services form. We are proud of our New Delhi – NCR team which has consistently delivered and each member is committed to technical excellence, using automation to serve clients better, and finding solutions in context of the client and industry they operate.  

We have over 300 diverse professionals who partner with you to navigate and assist you in your global and local pursuits. 

As the nation's capital, New Delhi pairs its administrative significance with a burgeoning business landscape, particularly excelling in information technology, telecommunications, manufacturing, automotive, renewables and heavy industries sectors. RSM’s New Delhi office is proud to partner with clients in these sectors and has been managing expectations of stakeholders in listed companies, private enterprises, family-controlled businesses, not for profits, startups and multinational associates.

We are well poised to provide the following services with best practices from RSM International approved methodologies for the following service offerings: 

  1.        Financial Reporting

  2.        Internal Audit and Risk Advisory Services

  3.        Indian and International Taxation and India Tax

  4.        Accounting, Tax and Financial Process Outsourcing

  5.        Information Technology Consulting

  6.        Analytics and Automation

  7.        Operations Consulting

  8.        And More, Tailored to Your Needs

Our Commitment:

Our commitment is to learn, excel and continuously bring in our expertise and experience in the way we serve clients. Our long-term objective is to enhance trust in our offerings and offer the client rich and personalized experiences, resulting in stakeholder satisfaction. 

Connect with Us:

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Contact our Delhi - NCR office for industry-leading expertise in tax, accounting, and more. Our team of over 300 experts is ready to support your business journey.

Office hours: 10:00 am to 6:30 pm (Mon - Fri)


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2nd Floor, Tower-B, B-37, Sector-1, Noida 201 301, New Delhi-NCR
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