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Tax Office and Immigration cooperation is a further step towards greater compliance

9 July 2018
For years, the information “silos” within various Government departments have created opportunities for non-compliance.

Be Ready for Application of Sustainable Finance Regulation

9 July 2018
Indonesia Financial Services Authority (OJK) has issued a regulation on Application of Sustainable Finance to Financial Services Institution, Issuer and Public Company. Reporting of its implementation will  start in 2020, and companies is better to be ready at least 2 years prior to that.

Will the new Tax Holiday regulation encourage investment?

9 July 2018
​​ The Government is initiating various reforms to simplify doing business and to encourage investment.  A component of this is the recent tax holiday regulation.  But will this make

Annual Tax Returns, again

9 July 2018
​​ For most taxpayers, it is now time to prepare your Annual Tax Return.

Don’t Let Culture Risk Hold Back Your Business

9 July 2018
​​ In executing the risk oversight function in the normal course of business as well as in business acquisition, board members need to take into account not only trending issues but also existing risk that som

GDPR compliance: You have less than a year to prepare

4 July 2018
​​ Have you started your preparations for GDPR compliance?

Personal tax residence – misconceptions & implications

4 July 2018
​​ Personal tax residence in Indonesia is not based solely on the existence of a work permit and it has broader implications than many are aware

Implications of AEOI Commencement for Indonesian Investors

4 July 2018
​​ The end of September marked the implementation deadline for 49 countries that had committed to the Automatic Exchange of Information (AEOI) under the Common Reporting Standard (CRS).

Beware of the Growing Bribery Risk in Your Business

3 July 2018
​​ For senior executives, it can be difficult to walk the line between running a competitive business while also enforcing strong measures to reduce potential risks of bribery, fraud or corruption activity.

Managing Tax Risks on Outbound Investment

19 October 2017
The Indonesian tax implications of investments overseas by Indonesian tax residents (including expatriates) are not as obvious as you might think.