Chaerul Djusman Djakman


Current role description

Chaerul is an Advisor at RSM Indonesia. He joined RSM Indonesia in August 2018.
Before joining RSM Indonesia, Chaerul had experience in leading the university consultant in business and accounting issues.

Current service skills and experience

Chaerul provided services in corporate planning and in strategic planning and accounting services.

Current sector or industry expertise

Chaerul specialises in Environmental, Social and Good Governance (ESG) issues. He works for various that depends on clients' requirements, mostly in financial entities.

Approach to service delivery and other

Chaerul preferred the client approach where we know the real problem that must be addressed and solved. 


  • Bachelor's in Economy, majoring in Accounting, Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia

  • Master of Business, University of Colorado, USA

  • Doctorate in Accounting, Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia