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At RSM Indonesia, we pride ourselves in providing foresight instead of hindsight, where we assist our clients in deliberating, strategizing, and executing assuring tax planning.  


Customs and Trade

It is imperative to comprehend and understand overlapping tax liabilities with other authorities resulting from your business activities, such as the Directorate General of Customs and Excise, where a whole suite of applicable duties and tariffs await to be triggered. With the guidance and advice of our customs and trade team, your business can avoid pitfalls and have clarity whilst traversing what may seem to be tedious landscape.  

The customs and trade team of RSM Indonesia provide the following solutions:

  • Advice on importation and trade requirements (licenses, import duty and taxes, excise, and other tax or duty possible payable on importation)
  • Advice on optimise use of customs incentive and/or facilities, and including obtaining available exemption facility or available preferential tariff on importation
  • Advice on issues relate to Bonded Zones/Area, Bonded Warehouse, FTZ (Free Trade Zone)
  • Provide assistance for dispute resolution, e.g. Customs audit, objection, appeal, etc.

Tax Advisory

Having clarity of your compliance landscape is vital to thriving in Indonesia. There are a wide array of applicable tax liabilities where it can be somewhat cumbersome to piece it together. Our tax advisory team can help to excavate the right materials relevant to your business and provide practical and reliable solutions for businesses to adopt in its commercial direction. We offer tax advisory services including:

  • Types of taxes in Indonesia and their compliance requirements including pitfalls to avoid
  • Tax implications for certain lines of business such as shipping or energy sector
  • Tax considerations for conducting special transaction or deals such as transfer of shares or land and building related assets
  • Efficient transactional structure for tax optimisation
  • Tax risk identification and mitigating measures
  • Tax dispute process in Indonesia and administrative procedures

Tax Litigation & Disputes

Complex, aggressive and frequently changing tax regulations make it very difficult for taxpayers to understand when experiencing tax disputes. In fact, the decisions of tax disputes on the same case can be different, making taxpayers not have legal certainty. We will work with you to help reduce the possibility of a challenge or audit before a dispute arises and to resolve issues that eventually become the subject of a dispute.

We are experienced in every stage of tax dispute – from pre-transaction analysis and documentation to tax litigation in the courts and supreme courts.  RSM has assisted several clients in negotiating and resolving disputes with their tax office, regional tax office, tax court, and supreme court during the pre-litigation, trial and enforcement stages.

We help organizations and professionals both on a local and foreign scale, and individuals with high net worth to protect, prepare for, and respond to challenges by various tax authorities.


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