For most companies, the advantages of being a public listed entity, such as greater access to growth capital, enhancement of reputation and increased flexibility when making acquisitions, outweigh the disadvantages e.g. greater regulatory burden, both in management time and money or increased reporting requirements.

Boards of Directors and management teams who have been through an Initial Public Offering (IPO) process will appreciate the time and effort that it can take to achieve a successful listing.

Subsequent transactions may also require significant resource and without appropriate support, management teams can sometimes divert their efforts which would normally be focused on running and developing the business.

Professionals at RSM Indonesia and at other RSM member firms have significant experience in their local capital markets, but also can draw upon each other to provide services in other markets where their clients have raised capital.

By bring together the capital market teams from across the globe this enables clients to benefit from both a deep understanding of the markets on which they are listed, or seeking to list, with the local jurisdiction knowledge that is required to make such a listing successful.

Assistance is offered with:

  • Pre-IPO preparation and 'grooming': We can help companies to decide on the most appropriate market on which to list, making introductions to other advisers, sourcing pre-IPO funding or advising on the preparations needed to be undertaken pre-listing, e.g. restatement of accounts under IFRS or appropriate risk management and corporate governance reviews.
  • IPO support: depending on the requirements of the market, We can provide the support that is needed throughout the listing process, e.g. acting as Reporting Accountant on AIM or Independent Accountant on Stock Exchange listings.
  • Post-IPO advisory services: once a company has successfully gone public its requirements for further support may include assistance with follow-on acquisitions and placing or dual-listings, financial reporting (supported with our Audit Assurance team), risk management (supported by our Governance Risk Control team) and tax structuring or transfer pricing (supported by our Tax team) to name but a few.

Our team work closely with other teams and throughout the RSM network to support listed companies in continuing to grow and develop their businesses.