General Audit

For many businesses a general audit of financial statements is a legal requirement. Debates about transparency, independence and better corporate governance are likely to influence the provision of audit services in many countries over the coming years.

Our approach to audit is clear and consistent. It requires the rigorous standards of professional competence, independence and objectivity, yet still recognizes that the auditor is uniquely placed to give constructive advice regarding your business.

By applying a risk based audit methodology (that is in compliance with International Standards on Auditing (ISA) and is regularly updated for new technical pronouncements and guidance on best practices), we offer a tailored general audit approach with an emphasis on early planning and understanding how your business operates. This enables us to identify key audit risks and tailor their audit response to the unique aspects, size and nature of your business.

Forum of Firms & EGIAN

Our membership of the Forum of Firms means that we maintain high standards of financial reporting and auditing, while our membership of EGIAN (The European Group of International Accounting Networks and Associations) helps us stay up to date with key developments in Europe.


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