Tax Compliance

We aim to deliver advice and solutions that are sensitive to the client situation and future plans, innovative, creative, and yet, robust to withstand revenue authorities´ scrutiny and challenge.

For any proposed course of action, we explain in detail the value it will deliver, its practical implications, and the likelihood of success.

Our services in this area include:

  • Preparation and filing of monthly and annual tax returns for corporate tax, withholding tax, employee income tax, and value added tax
  • Review of clients´ compliance to assess tax exposures
  • Preparing and filing company income tax returns and tax computations for clients such as specialised industries including fund managers, trusts, investment companies, real estate, construction, shipping, manufacturing and trading companies
  • Assisting clients with withholding tax compliance
  • Working closely with the company in responding to queries raised by the tax Office
  • Assisting clients with tax investigation and/or tax audit issues
  • Representing clients on tax objections and disputes
  • Assisting clients to voluntarily disclose errors / negligence to the tax Office
  • Reviewing corporate tax matters for due diligence purposes
  • Assisting clients with corporate tax planning locally and internationally to maximise tax efficiencies
  • Applying for local tax incentives and advance tax rulings


Rapid globalisation has led to an increasingly dynamic business environment which resulted in significantly more complex business transactions. tax authorities from various jurisdictions have been actively collaborating to ensure equitable assignment of taxable profit for cross-borders transactions. In such a backdrop where change is the only constant, it is vital that companies engage in comprehensive tax planning to optimize tax savings and mitigate risk.

Our Corporate tax team is committed to assist businesses in fulfilling their tax compliance obligations, while identifying company tax risks and tax planning opportunities that may arise. With a working culture centred on providing “speedy, personalised and pro-active” services to our clients, we are also committed to deliver quality tax compliance and advisory services to our clients and adding value to businesses.

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