Audit hotline

Seiwa has established an Audit Hotline to allow the general public to provide information on audits.
Individuals with information on audits pursuant to the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act or Companies Act, as well on voluntary audits, are invited to contact us in writing by email, fax or post detailing the following cautionary items. We are unable to accept this information by phone.


Cautionary Items

When contacting Seiwa, make sure to include (1) the name of the company being audited by us, (2) the name of the CPA in charge of the audit and (3) as many details as possible on your suspicions or concerns.

Whenever possible, we would also like to receive the names and addresses of individuals making the report. Such information will be used to improve our audit practices under strict confidentiality. Please acknowledge that, in general, individual responses are not provided with respect to received information.