Outsourcing Services

Accounting has become more complex over the years due to constant changes being made to tax laws and review of accounting standards. As more and more businesses continue to globalize, an increase can be seen on the need to report financial statements and consolidated reports based on International financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

Outsourcing accounting services

We offer bookkeeping services as well as necessary monthly and annual reporting. Our team can submit consolidated reports/ packages based on IFRS for subsidiaries or branches of foreign parent companies.

Outsourcing HR services

Our HR department offers payroll calculations, year-end adjustments and required statutory filings for social and labor insurance, etc.
Our English speaking team is qualified to correspond with foreign parent companies that have a subsidiary or branch located in Japan.

Payroll calculation

  • Monthly salary, bonus calculations and statutory documents
  • Retirement and severance pay calculation
  • Payment (transfer) of salary, etc.
  • Year-end tax adjustment
  • Resident tax calculations (payroll report/ changes)
  • National and local withholding tax

Social and labor insurance

  • Procedures for joiners and leavers
  • Worker’s compensation
  • Health insurance
  • Submit social insurance calculations
  • Labor and social insurance payment procedures
  • Application for labor and social insurance benefits
  • Social security agreements
  • Correspondence with labor standards inspection office

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