RSM Jordan

Business Advisory Services

liberalization of trade laws, competition for financial and human capital, and rapid change in all facets of business conduct.

In this world of continual change and international competition, an enterprise's success is dependent upon staying one step ahead of its competitors. The critical success factor becomes making informed decisions, based on practical and reliable advice, to adapt to the rapidly changing environment.

Business Advisory Services offers your enterprise the resources, experience, industry knowledge and skills to make these critical decisions with confidence. By providing you with innovative and practical services, tailored to your situation we enable you to adapt to the developing business environment.

These services consist of:

  • Market and Feasibility Study Services: Entering a new market, introducing a new product, these and many other projects can involve substantial financial risk. Before investing in any new business venture or expanding an existing one, it is important to have an understanding of the competitive market place and the financial drivers behind the proposed business venture.

Careful and targeted market research can help you achieve a better understanding of the market. This will also contribute to a more thorough and detailed financial analysis of the feasibility of proposed business ventures. RSM Jordan can prepare market and feasibility studies to assist enterprises in their investment decision-making on proposed business ventures.

  • Due Diligence Services: RSM Jordan approach to due diligence aims to make the best and most efficient use of existing resources. Work is scheduled so high priority items are covered first and fast. Important findings are communicated daily so work can be modified or suspended if 'deal breakers' or other significant findings are uncovered. At the conclusion of our work, a comprehensive report is submitted including in-depth analysis of the business and targeted recommendations for the future.

Business Planning Services: In today's world of rapid change and globalization the role of business planning, both in the long, medium and short term, is essential. The development of comprehensive financial and operational strategies that maximize shareholder value by striking an effective balance between returns and risk. To ensure that the strategic goals of your business are achieved we can, in co-operation with you, develop the appropriate performance measures.

  • Organizational Development Services: The creation or revision of the organizational framework for entrepreneurial growth is an essential ingredient to continuing success of any organization. RSM Jordan consultant's understand the critical elements of any organization and can assist your company in developing organizations structures, job descriptions and policies and procedures based on a thorough analysis of key processes within the business.

Policies and Procedures can be developed for numerous operational support functions including: Finance and Accounting, Human Resources, Purchasing and Inventory, Public Relations and Administration.

  • Share Registry Services: The RSM Jordan Share Registration Services includes maintaining a fully computerized register of shareholders. Any changes in ownership are recorded immediately, ensuring that the register is up-to-date. Ancillary services include:

  1. Issuing of stock certificates

  2. Identification of pledge and lien activities

  3. Printing of dividend cheques

Our share registry services are designed to help management comply with all the rules and regulations of the relevant Stock Exchange listing requirements and the Commercial Companies Law.

Developing Competitive Strategies: Businesses are always in transition moving from one set of conditions to another. They get into trouble or cannot avail themselves of strategic opportunities because they cannot react fast enough to change or because they cannot recognize the need for change. It is critical to the long-term success of any business to be able to track and react to these critical turning points. As a result of not planning well in the past, most firms find themselves jumping from crisis to crisis to survive the present with no time left to think about the future. We have a proven strategic planning process geared to the closely held manufacturing, distribution, and construction, retail