Successful corporations understand the need for internal auditing, yet from time to time they need specialist internal auditing services to get the job done.  

RSM Jordan is equipped with the right people, skills, and network to deliver the bespoke internal audit solutions to help your business thrive. Our team will help you identify issues, plan strategically, and minimize risk throughout the internal auditing process.  

Learn more about how we can support your corporate aspiration through our internal auditing services and business assessments by getting in touch with us today.  

How our internal audit services can help your corporation 

Cementing a partnership between your corporation and our consultants ensures RSM delivers internal audit services that support your corporate vision.  

A detailed understanding of your business, industry, culture, and goals helps us provide the analysis, counsel, recommendations, and reporting that works. No matter what your business needs, as part of the world’s sixth-largest corporate consultancy network, RSM Jordan is ready to support you in any way we can.  

Our internal audit services 

RSM’s internal audit services are tailor-made to align with all your business's objectives, policies, procedures, and best practices. Our global outlook also ensures our internal auditing meets internationally established guidelines and your discerning expectations. 

Our internal auditing services include: 

  • Ensuring appropriate controls are built into your business processes, operating as an integrated part of your business environment to minimize risk. 
  • Ensuring management and staff are aware of and addressing their control and compliance responsibilities. 
  • Establishing a risk and control framework within a finance department’s functions such as: 
  • A flexible, control-oriented, and risk-based policies and procedures focus, linking business processes with associated risks and identifying appropriate controls. 
  • A controls-based approach to develop policies and procedures. 
  • Ensuring critical business issues are identified and addressed strategically. 
  • Focusing on risk areas within your corporation. 

Additionally, when you partner with RSM Jordan, we work closely with the key stakeholders within your corporation. Managing the internal audit process with absolute transparency helps us:  

  • Identify and evaluate the risks related to the conduct of your operations through business assessments. 
  • Specify and establish the policies, operating standards, procedures, systems, and other disciplines to be used to limit the risks associated with those identified. 
  • Establish practical controlling processes that require and encourage employees to perform their tasks in a manner that achieves a positive control result. 
  • Maintain the adequacy and effectiveness of the internal audit solutions that have been established. 

RSM Jordan delivers bespoke internal audit services 

For more details on our internal auditing and business diagnostics services, talk to one of our dedicated and experienced consultants at our Amman office. Alternatively, contact our team online with your internal audit query and one of our representatives will be in touch. 

Our team of internal audit experts has access to a global network of corporate consultants. This enables them to draw on a huge knowledge base when creating the bespoke internal auditing solutions your business needs.

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