The Minister of Industry, Trade and Supply, Tareq Hammouri, has announced that all economic sectors are allowed to reopen at their full production capacity starting Wednesday, provided that the percentage of Jordanian workers is not less than 75%. 

During a press briefing at the National Center for Security and Crisis Management, Hammouri said that the even-odd license plate policy will be canceled as of next Sunday.

Starting Wednesday, restaurants will be allowed to provide handling services until 6 pm and home-delivery services until 8 pm and without being required to test all the workers for the virus, as they can only conduct random tests according to the conditions determined by the Minister of Tourism.

Bakeries will also be allowed to sell desserts as of Wednesday, provided that they are pre-packaged and packed in ready-to-sell packages.

"The government has postponed mulling reopening schools, kindergartens, nurseries, universities, colleges, cultural and training institutes, restaurants, cafes, sports facilities, places of worship, wedding halls, parks, game & entertainment centers, cinemas, festivals, conferences, and exhibitions companies," Hammouri stated, affirming that these sectors are only allowed to provide delivery and handling services.

He confirmed that anyone who doesn't wear masks and gloves will be prevented from entering any establishment or institution.