Business Risk Consulting

Our Business Risk consulting team assists our clients in the development of Risk governance and Risk management framework to mitigate business risks.

Risk Governance

Under Risk governance services, we can assist you in:

  • Formulating risk management strategy,
  • Establishing a risk management structure, its composition and functions,
  • Forming risk management committee and its charters,
  • Defining roles & responsibilities of Chief Risk Officer and the risk management team,
  • Developing risk management polices and procedures manuals.

Risk Management Framework

Risk management framework provides comprehensive approach for identifying source of risks, assessing likelihood of risk occurrence, risk impact on the business and strategy to manage risks. We can assist you in developing a risk management framework by:

  • Identifying your risk environment,
  • Likelihood of risk occurrence and their impact on your business,
  • Prioritizing risks in terms of importance to your business,
  • Framing approaches to manage risk,
  • Developing risk monitoring and reporting mechanism.

We offer our risk management services either full sourcing or as guided transformation.

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