Delivery Receipt processes

  • Transition between outgoing and incoming administrations
  • Determination of the legal and standard structure of each entity
  • Definition of critical information, policies for the preparation of deeds and level of executives of the team
  • Plan of the E-R process and risks identification
  • E-R process control and follow-up
  • Formal elaboration of delivery / receipt deeds
  • Review, report and disagreements

Limited reviews or procedures previously agreed

  • Contingencies and risks detected during the E&R process
  • Resolutions of the Municipal Attorney General, the State Controllership or equivalent authority
  • Definition of entities and titles to be reviewed
  • Previous definition of audit procedures (nature, opportunity and scope or extent of their application)
  • Reports on these reviews

Risk Management

  • Review of the cabinet together with Internal Control Bodies of the Ministry of the Public Function
  • Elaboration of a risk record and the map of general controls of TI, processes, etc.
  • Practical workshop of the strategic planning in the Risk Management to representatives of the Internal Control Bodies of the Ministry of the Public Function
  • Preparation of the corresponding report
  • Follow-up and suggestions in the implementation
  • Consulting in processes and TI (Internal Control Bodies or State Controllership), internal control systems
  • Audit of Systems, Recovery and Continuity Plans, etc.

Audit of financial statements

  • External audit of financial statements of different bodies, trusts, funds and other decentralized entities of state and municipal governments
  • External audit of financial statements of departments of state and municipal governments
  • Reports on observations detected during the audits as well as that of considerations on fraud (Bulletin 3070 of the IMPC) and the respective suggestions

Finance and Public Debt

  • Issuance of debt for states, municipalities and decentralized public bodies, tax securitizations and federal equities
  • Issuance of Development Capital Certificates
  • Public debt reorganization
  • Reports on stock-exchange bonds and public debt issuance
  • Reports on public debt service
  • Review of the fulfillment of the Public Works and Acquisitions Law and Related Services
  • Reports on reportable operations related to acquisitions, Leases, and Services of the Public Sector and Public Works and
  • Services related to it, including the report on irregularities and letter of observations

Governmental Accounting Harmonization

  • Governmental Accounting General Law - December 31, 2008
  • Governmental Accounting Conceptual Structure - August 20, 2009
  • Governmental Accounting Basic Postulates - August 20, 2009
  • Consulting for timely implementation and fulfillment of provisions of the “Consejo Nacional de Armonización Contable” (CONAC)

Consulting and other services

  • Integral diagnosis and strategic planning
  • System improvement and redesign
  • Process improvement and redesign
  • Tax consulting of specific cases
  • Reports of worker-employer fees to Social Security and contributions to Housing Fund
  • Professional training


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