RSM is one of the largest networks of independent accounting firms and consulting around the world and we are proud of our reputation for acting fairly and ethically wherever we do business. Our reputation is built from our values ​​as a network firm, the values ​​of our employees and our collective commitment to act with integrity throughout our network.

RSM condemns corruption in all its forms and not tolerate in the business activities of our member firms or companies with whom we do business.

Our internal codes of conduct set out in detail how it should be our behavior as an organization. When maintaining any of our dealings with business partners and customers, we are confident that they have in place their own procedures for dealing with bribery and corruption, and that his organization and those who work in it comply with the relevant legislation against bribery all times.

Integrity: We act according to our convictions, maintaining a transparent and respectful attitude.

Personalized and innovative attention: We build proposals according to the specific needs of each client, combining trajectory with innovative ideas to ensure the most appropriate solutions.

Dynamism: We respond quickly and accurately, anticipating the needs of our customers.