According to Article 119 of the Peruvian Constitution, the Minister of Education is the person entrusted with the direction and management of the Ministry of Education. By constitution mandate, the Minister has the responsibility of approving Supreme Decrees and Resolutions on education field. The Minister is the highest authority in the Ministry and Education Sector, including decentralized public bodies (OPD, by its initials in Spanish) assigned by law to Education sector.

Among its main responsibilities, the Minister conduct, execute, supervise and evaluate sectorial policy for education, science and technology, culture and recreation matters in accordance with the Overall State Policies and national development plans. The Minister is empowered to propose projects of Legislative Decrees, Urgent Decrees, as well as Supreme Decrees and Resolutions related to this sector, and countersigned them as corresponds.       

How can RSM Peru Help you?

RSM can help you to promote proper and transparent management of an educational institution’s resources and goods, by ensuring the legality and efficiency of its acts and operations, as well as achieving of its goals through the implementation of the following activities:

  • Execute the internal control of subsequent acts and operations of educational institutions based on guidelines and compliance of Annual Control Plan.
  • Audit educational institution financial statements, budget statements and management.
  • Non-binding preventive control to the highest authority of educational institutions in order to optimize the process supervision and improvement, practices and instruments of internal control without produce prejudgments and opinions compromising the exercise of its function as a result of this examination.
  • As a result of our examination to an educational institution, reporting where there are reasonable indications of illegal acts or operations, or instances of omission or non-compliance. We will report them to the relevant institutional officer so as to take appropriate corrective measures.  
  • Follow-up on the corrective actions adopted by educational institutions, as a result of control actions and activities, checking their effective materialization according to the corresponding timing and deadlines.


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