Financial Services

Financial Institutions and Microfinance

Today’s financial system of Peru is one of the strongest in the region, experiencing high growth rates and consolidating itself in high-potential economic sectors. This scenario has allowed for financial intermediation activities to be sped up and new products to arise.

Similar to banks, insurance companies seek consolidation in and access to new markets, whereas the pension funds segment maintains high growth rates and is adapting to a regulatory environment which is gradually consolidating. 

Challenges faced by financial services companies:

  • Governability and risk administration
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Regulation and compliance
  • Efficient growth management


How can RSM Peru help you? 

RSM Peru has a global team of specialists which can help to turn these challenges into opportunities in your key areas of business, including governability, risk and compliance, process improvement, reporting and business development strategies. We work with the leading global companies in the banking, insurance and investment management sectors, and bring their experiences and best practices to our local clients.