Under the Peruvian legal framework, Peru’s territorial waters comprise such part of the sea adjacent to the coast as well as the seabed and subsoil, extending up to a distance of two hundred (200) nautical miles.

The relevant authority in this sector is the Ministry of Production. This entity is charged with determining the fisheries legal system, allowable quotas, fishing seasons and areas, fishing methods, and minimum catch sizes, and awarding concessions, issuing permits, licenses and authorizations, and monitoring fishing activity development.      Actualmente, se encuentran reguladas cinco (5) tipos de actividades pesqueras, según se detallan a continuación: 

1.     Research and Training activities

2.     Extractive activities

3.     Processing activities

4.     Commercialization and Services activities

5.     Aquaculture activities

How can RSM Peru help you? 

Respondiendo al considerable desarrollo de la industria pesquera en el Perú, nuestra misión es ayudar a nuestros clientes a extraer valor de sus operaciones para desarrollar ventajas competitivas sostenibles y asegurarse que todas las expectativas sean reconocidas y entendidas. 

Agriculture and Agro-industry

The use of farm businesses’ accounting, irrespective of the importance of their exploitation, will provide a better understanding of a business’ economic performance to determine whether the same farm commodities should continue to be grown, or they should be diversified or combined with other farm commodities, or whether the farm land should be leased. It can be used for other purposes such as obtaining adequate and correct information to meet tax payment requirements, planning farm infrastructure improvement, obtaining an understanding of how a business is managed and whether it is profitable or not, based on the benefits from its exploitation. It also shows the information required to meet the requirements requested by the financial entities for processing a credit facility.

Besides knowing the methods for determining production costs, farm businesses are required to have a system that is able to identify failures and errors, enabling timely correction and preventing any repetition in the future, as the amounts and unit quantities prepared by accountants indicate how a business’s future will be.

The farming activity is still one of the most important activities in the local economy because of its contributions to gross domestic product as a generator of hard currency and a major source of employment. 

 How can RSM Peru help you? 

The opening up of the farm sector to private investment and the impressive growth of the agro-industry led us to form a team of experts with wide expertise in this sector. They are capable of offer the widest range of advisory and consulting services, and review your financials to meet public and private entities’ reporting requirements and apply for credit facilities at financial institutions.  


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