Hospitality and touristic services industry business sectors are highly sensitive to economic and competitive market conditions and are capital, management, marketing, personnel, energy, maintenance and technology intensive.

Demand and consumer expectations have continued to expand with the evolution of a global marketplace and highly increasing population looking for extra comfort. Hospitality and leisure companies will be able to meet the challenges of today's world market only by understanding and developing strategies to address consumer trends, economic conditions, technology, competition and concerns regarding security.

Challenges face by the hospitality and touristic services industry:

  • Demand and restaurant services increased by changing demographics.
  • It is essential that new gaming and gambling jurisdictions establish broad regulatory frameworks. 
  • What does a buyer need to do to meet the solvency requirements for obtaining a bank credit facility in today’s dangerous transaction marketplace so as to acquire a property and obtain an adequate ROI?
  • Will investors obtain what was negotiated in the purchase of condo hotel units?

How can RSM Peru help you? 

RSM Peru offers experience specializing in the hospitality and leisure industry. Also, our firm is an organization recognized by its economic and statistical research and analysis. Our global business advisory capabilities include: strategic research, due diligence, market research, financial analysis, business planning, economic impact, franchising, lease management and negotiation, leisure studies, performance improvement, dispute and arbitration services.  

Our commitment is to promote the highest quality professional consulting standards and practices among our clients in the hospitality and touristic services industry.


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