Our Project Management and Business Consulting Group addresses a variety of business situations that challenge today's management teams. Regardless of an organization's size, industry sector or level of complexity, we can add value by assigning you experienced professionals who focus on what your business needs in order to achieve overall management objectives.

What project management services can RSM offer?

You may require strict confidentiality across your proposal, for example in the case of a takeover or merger. Our business consulting specialists’ experience and background in risk management comes to the fore here and can help keep things moving even when limited members of staff can access information regarding the project at hand.

Are you losing revenue, license fees or royalties, or paying out too much to partners? Your third-party contracts may not be as watertight as they should be. We can pore over the finer details and show you which adjustments to make to ensure your bottom line is where it should be.

If you need to remain agile to stay on top of your competition, it may be time to pivot towards a new product or offering. We will find the right project management solutions to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Considerations for existing skills, training staff, corporate culture and much more must be made when undertaking changes to your business. If those alterations are coming from the top down, getting the right business consulting will give you the sounding board required to make long-lasting positive change.

Is your company working in the most efficient and streamlined way possible? Our business consulting services include shaping the way that your employees operate, maximizing profits and minimizing wasted time and lost energy.

The ceaseless improvement in technology now means that most businesses are driven by the IT services behind them. If your hardware, software or equipment is not up to scratch, we can help you incorporate technologies in order to reach business goals.

Why choose RSM for project management advice?

Members of the Project Management and Business Consulting Group possess PMP (Project Management Professional) certification. Other certifications include CMC (Certified Management Consultant) and CCP (Certified Computing Professional).

We form part of RSM’s worldwide network, which includes almost 800 offices in 120 countries, meaning we can offer global project management advice if required.

You can be assured that our business consulting specialists have the skills and experience to help bring your project to fruition, no matter how big or small. Call us today on 787.751.6164 to find out more. Alternatively, fill out our contact form below.

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