Förvärv av bolag

Att köpa ett bolag kan vara en komplex och utmanande process. Det är där vi som rådgivare kommer in i bilden. Vi vägleder och ger stöd under hela processen samt finns behjälpliga även i senare skede efter köpet – oftast med samma kontaktperson. 

Vi på RSM har specialister inom alla områden och tack vare vårt Nordiska team kan vi bistå dig med exempelvis:

A structured and robust financial due diligence is critical to ensure a successful acquisition process. We assist our clients in validating the deal assumptions that have been used as a basis for the enterprise value principally through an assessment of the target company’s underlying profitability, working capital profile and debt structure. We provide deal comfort for our clients and provide clear recommendations for the final negotiations.

We aggregate and analyse large amounts of data using advanced analytical programmes (including Alteryx) in order to increase the understanding of the target company’s historical performance and assumptions for future value creation. We prepare reports with a focus on the individual client and sector’s most relevant KPIs in order to maximise the value of our work.

Through our broad experience in financial due diligence of commercial property, we have developed a strong understanding of the value drivers in the industry and are therefore able to focus our review of topics relevant to commercial property. We assist our customers in validating and supporting the rent levels used in the pricing, whilst at the same time giving the buyer a better understanding of what the net rent is and making specific recommendations related to elements in the company’s accounts or tax-related treatment that should have a direct impact on the purchase price. We also assist with a review of estimated and final purchase price calculations in addition to reviewing financial clauses in the SPA.

In an M&A transaction, the buyer may unknowingly inherit negative exposures. Our tax lawyers assist our clients with identifying and then minimizing tax related risks linked to the target company’s historical tax management, as well as ensuring that historical errors and risks are correctly handled in the purchase price mechanism.

Our tax lawyers dive into the company’s overall tax profile and tax position, looking not only for negative exposures, but also for synergies and benefits that you may inherit as well – as well as how to handle this according to best practice going forward.

Globalt nätverk 

Vi arbetar i nära samarbete med de nordiska RSM-kontoren och är ofta involverade i internationella transaktioner, både med private equity och industriella kunder. Genom RSM-nätverket har vi tillgång till bred global expertis och ytterligare kapacitet. Vi kan därför sätta ihop team över nationsgränserna när transaktionerna kräver detta. 



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