RSM Tajikistan


Bahrullo Mulloev
Managing Partner

Office : Tajikistan
Service : Tax
About Bahrullo

Mr. Bahrullo Mulloev is Managing Partner at RSM Tajikistan.

Mr. Mulloev started his career 23 years ago as an accountant for one of the biggest companies of the country. He has vast managerial experience and high reputation in audit and tax advisory in Tajikistan. During the period of transition from soviet planned economy system to market economy in the time the country has gained independence and sector reforms commenced with the assistance of foreign aid, Bahrullo has been actively involved in the development of the accounting profession and contributed significantly to the reform efforts during his involvement with a USAID funded accounting reform project implemented by Pragma Corporation.

Mr. Mulloev is a distinguished trainer of PIPAA RT, a leading trainer for such courses as: Tax and Law, Taxation, Law, Labour Law, Civil Law, Financial accounting. He is the author of modules for professional auditors on "Tax and Law”. He is a member of the working team, which designs and develops the Tax Law of the Republic of Tajikistan. Mr. Mulloev has CAP (Certified accounting practitioner) certification by CIPAEN. He is a licensed auditor, certified by the Ministry of Finance of Tajikistan and also has numerous certificates from seminars and conferences in the field of accounting and consulting.