Independent audit, with its staff specialized across a broad range of industries, establishes long-term relationships with clients through an intimate understanding of their operations. 

Independent Audit services 

Independent audit in compliance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and as a result, preparation of Capital Market Board (CMB), Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) and US GAAP reports.

  • Preparation and reporting of consolidated financial statements for Holdings and Groups 
  • Preparation of financial analysis for private companies 
  • Due diligence reports
  • Specialized auditing and reporting in accordance with client demands 
  • Establishing internal control systems or auditing of current systems 
  • Preparation of monthly and/or annual reports that foreign capital companies provide their parent companies

Why choose an Independent Audit?

In a world where investments are increasingly global, the need for financial reports which are clear, easy to understand and compare has become crucial.   
The knowledge that the reports have been prepared in compliance with international standards. 

An independent audit promotes confidence in the company, and an independent audit in compliance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) means speaking the same language on an international stage.

Choose RSM Turkey’s audit services 

Our clients enlist our audit services due to the depth of knowledge we possess. Our tailored approach is founded on expert understanding to ensure our partners are satisfied. Contact us today and let us help you through any financial auditing services you may need.