RSM UKRAINE is one of the leading audit firms on the Ukrainian audit and consulting services market. 

We combine the collective knowledge and expertise of our global RSM professional colleagues with the in-depth knowledge and experience of the local economic and financial business environment. RSM UKRAINE is a partner of choice for dynamically developing companies, both local and international, that look for the complete range of quality audit, accounting and consulting services and expert advice. 

Our partners have over 25 years of experience in some of the most important business sectors and industries, with public and private enterprises, as well as multinational companies with presence in Ukraine. 

We are passionate about working closely with our clients so we can understand their business, their strategies and their aspirations. This deep understanding enables us to anticipate opportunities and identify challenges before they arise. 

Our client relationships are based on mutual respect and integrity. By fully understanding our clients’ goals and measures of success, we can support and empower them to face the future with confidence.

RSM UKRAINE was created in July 1993 as the firm «APiK (Audit Services and Consulting)». One of the key priorities of the firm’s business is providing a wide spectrum of audit, other assurance and related services to commercial banks. Since the early days the firm has developed cooperative relationships with over 90 Ukrainian and foreign banks with presence in and outside Ukraine. 

High professionalism of our experts and their contribution in the development of bank audit methodology has gained recognition in Ukrainian professional and business community, state and regulatory institutions of Ukraine. 

The firm also has lengthy work experience with large joint-stock companies and state enterprises specializing in key industry sectors, such as energy and fuel, communication and telecommunication, insurance, agriculture, manufacturing and others. 

In June 2000 the firm established two subsidiaries, Audit firm “APiK Audit” and Audit firm “APiK Consulting”, to expand the range of services provided to companies and enterprises. 

The firm with its subsidiaries joined RSM International network as a member-firm in 2007 and was named RSM APIK. On 16 September 2015 RSM APIK changed its name to RSM UKRAINE.