RSM Vietnam is transforming for its Vision 2030

RSM Vietnam hosted its annual Strategy Meeting in hybrid format on the 7th and 8th of July, with the goal of leading the way in driving transformation and innovation via strategic initiatives in the fiscal year 2022-2023 and approaching 2030.

Transformation is an integral part of the firm's growth. Moreover, the transformation must be done uniformly and simultaneously in all aspects of the firm to ensure endurable development. Therefore, the theme of RSM Vietnam Strategy Meeting 2022-2023 is “Transforming Together for Vision 2030”, which encourages all RSM people to collaborate to lead the way towards driving change and innovation from wherever they are on their career journey with RSM. Each contribution and collaboration across staff and leadership team is vital to RSM’s continued success.

During the meeting, leaders and management team from all three offices of RSM Vietnam discussed and analyzed the industry benchmark by looking at the firm's and its rivals' recent revenues, growth, employment, and market share. The industry is changing and evolving, and so RSM must also change and evolve with it. “There are still many areas and opportunities for the firm to develop further to achieve its ambitious goals as long as the management team and all staff transform together”, said Le Khanh Lam, Chairman of RSM Vietnam.

Alongside assessing the business performance and navigating the challenges that the firm was encountering, the leadership team also highlighted and pledged that the firm would place a strong emphasis on transforming aspects such as People, new Services and Market position underpinned by a focus on digital transformation and innovation. This was aimed to empower staff to ensure business development, gain competitive advantage, and provide high-quality services to the clients in the long run, thereby enhancing the position of RSM in Vietnam’s market.

The meeting was vital to devising strategies and gearing up for the next activities of RSM Vietnam to strengthen the firm's position for the thriving years ahead.

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