Lam Nguyen
Partner - Leading Hanoi office

Lam gained professional and extensive experience with Big4 in providing auditing, accounting, financial advisory services and corporate training for over 8 years. This experience has been greatly enriched during his tenure with RSM Vietnam as an audit partner after his post graduation course at Sydney University, Australia. He has rendered several audits, consulting and business solution services to some big state-owned companies, big foreign companies as well as the international projects. Lam is particularly good at fast growing arena of corporate finance related and management advisory services.

A professional-motivated person, Lam has made significant contributions to the Development of the audit standards in Vietnam. He is key expert in a World Bank financed project for building the standard audit file in accordance with the most updated International Standards on Auditing

Lam has provided auditing and advisory services for a large number of  foreign invested enterprises and big corporations such as Mobiphone (biggest mobiphone operator in Vietnam), Pentax Vietnam Ltd., Pacific Airlines (PA), Electricity of Vietnam (EVN), Mai Linh Corporation. Lam has intensive experience in International Accounting Standards (now IFRS) since 1999 when he did provide audit services for big corporation in Vietnam who borrowed money from the World Bank. Those companies were required to prepare their financial statements in accordance with International Accounting Standards (presently IFRS).